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Obscurity vs. Piracy

Time to return to my ongoing musings (or endless rant, depending on your viewpoint) on what I'll call "music freedom".

I came across a wonderful article by Andrew Dubber (via Derek Sivers) entitled "Should I Be Worried About Piracy?". Andrew thoughtfully and eloquently explained the point I've been trying to make for some while.

Instead of battling hard against this new consumer power to copy and share music…why not embrace it?

Hungry Lucy has been doing so now for about 1 year. Aside from my peace of mind (in which I place great value) we have seen greater interest in our music and, yes, a gradual but steady increase in paid (yes paid) downloads. Granted, I have no evidence as to what has caused this. I quite firmly believe, though, that our "please copy & share" attitude is at least partially to blame. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I don't worry about all those lost sales anymore, and that…is priceless. 😉

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