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As an web/interactive developer and a music composer/producer, I like to help people bring their ideas to life. I deal with the fiddly bits and make it work so they don’t have to.

I am an Interactive developer focusing on HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby/Rails development. I’ve been building websites since 1995. JQuery has ruined me of pure Javascript programming and I’m mostly OK with that. I have been known to make WordPress do things for which it was never intended… I’m OK with that too. As one of the developers at Topic Design, I spend a lot of my day making other people’s excellent designs become interactive and functional.

Outside of my daytime gig, I dabble in making things using Processing and bits of electronics. Arduino and Raspberry Pi have opened up a new world for me that I’m excited to explore. Bringing the digital to physical form is something that I’d love to dig into more.

I am also a music composer/producer (for Hungry Lucy). Our music was featured in the Free Culture/examples folder in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). We’ve also sold a lot of CDs and digital music over the past several years and choose to license our music under a Creative Commons license. Yes, people pay for music they can get for free! I’ve also done a lot of remixes for other people (full list here)

I enjoy immersing myself in the details and leave the “big picture thinking” to those more qualified. My favorite kind of task is one that I’m still learning how to complete.

I live and work in Cincinnati, OH

Interactive Development

WordPress customization, custom web application development, Flash/Actionscript development. Sure, I can do that. Why not get in touch?


Music licensing and custom composition for your film/TV/web project.

Need music for your Advertising, TV or film project?

I have a diverse catalog of music that fits a variety of moods and styles. Most tracks are available for listening as vocal or instrumental versions, and custom edits and mixes can be created to suit your needs. Since I own all publishing rights and masters to my music you won’t waste time chasing down licenses and contacts.


Turn your existing track into a dance-floor hit or just make it a little more radio friendly.

Whether you are looking for mix refinement, DJ/club friendly versions or a complete arrangement overhaul of your music, I have the skills and facilities to meet your needs. Rates and terms are extremely flexible. Please use the Contact page to request rates, scheduling info or simply to discuss your project.

Some of my websites:

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